BodyRez for use with Upright Bass

BodyRez for use with Upright Bass

I know this is a guitar forum, but I’ve been using the BodyRez pedal in my signal chain for my amplified upright bass rig. I figured for the price, it was worth taking a flier on. I’m glad I did. It’s become a permanent part of my setup.

I run it at about 50% always on. Depending on the room I might dial it back a hair. Any much more than 50% and the low end starts to drive my amp into limiting on lower notes. When I’m playing at higher volumes, it always drives the amp into limiting on the E string. I plan on putting a high pass filter into my chain for those scenarios.

What I’ve found is that it doesn’t really change my tone, just the note attack/decay. It makes my amp and speakers respond much more naturally, and adaptive to my playing. That’s the magic in this thing for me. It’s most noticeable in the mix, and allows me to play/feel the bass pretty close to the way I would acoustically. This is often a challenge with amplifying upright bass with a piezo.

Just thought I’d share even though I’m not a guitar a player. Let me know if you guys have any questions.

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