Bridge output on new Sabre

Bridge output on new Sabre

I purchased a new sabre a few months back. After seeing a fellow forum member post about his Sabres. One thing stood out that he said. Pickups have good output. I made mention that my bridge was very low output. He compared his to being almost as hot as the transition pickups. I will say mine are not. In fact when I plug my Sabre straight into my Apollo x6 it barely registers 1 or 2 bars on the meter. My Luke 3 however measure the expected signal. In order to get my Sabre at a comparable level I have to crank the gain on my interface about 10 db. another thing I notice is that the pickup is a bit noisy at times. This is not jack noise but pickup noise. When I get near my computer the pickup is unusable with noise. When I move away the noise goes away. I own 2 silos, a Luke 3 and a JP. Neither of those guitars do that.

My question is how do I go about testing the output of the pickup in my Sabre to see if there really is an issue with it. What should the readings be on my multimeter and what is the best way to test it. I want to make sure I know what the problem is before I send it off to Musicman for repair or see if I can get a new pickup. I like the way it sounds but it really lacks the output. the output is lower than my virtual paf in my silo. Since I have owned it I often wondered if this is the way this guitar should be. When the other forum member mention his had plenty of output I started wondering even more.


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