Bridge Settings on my EBMM2019

Bridge Settings on my EBMM2019

Hi Team,
I’m the owner of my brand new guitar Musicman Majesty 2019.
Yesterday i had to change strings as is been a month since i have it and almost non stop playing, so you can imagine, the strings were rusty.
I’m used to play with the 0.9. My guess is that the strings came from the factory with the 0.10 installed.
I was not aware of how it works with the floating bridge (yes, i discovered only after taking of all the strings at once that the bridge was sinking).. Anyway, put on the new strings, tuned it but the bridge is still sinking a little bit.
I read from this forum after that, how to change the strings without loosing the settings of the bridge and keep it even to the body.
But in this case was already to late.
After finding a few answers on this forum (release the screws on the back for 1/4 of turn-> tune and repeat until the bridge is aligned) I had to do this for 5 times.. Now the bridge is even.

Is it normal i had to do so, only cause the strings are slightly different sized? It doesn’t change my action?
If i knew before the trick of inserting a cloth or a peace of paper so that the bridge wouldn’t sink while removing all the strings and replacing with the new 0.9, would i have to change the settings on the bridge as i did?

Thanks a lot for your answers guys. I’m feeling so confused about it.

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