B'z Tak Matsumoto's Lost Pink Axis

B'z Tak Matsumoto's Lost Pink Axis

I thought I’d share this story since it involves an EBMM Axis. Tak Matsumoto of the Japan Rock group B’z had a bunch of Axis guitars that he used in the 90’s and one went missing. It was a pink Axis with a custom headstock, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s an NOS EVH with a custom headstock graphic from EBMM. Turns out it was actually in storage all along. LOL

Story here:
B’z guitar lost for 20 years found in 10 days using social media | SoraNews24

A look at his guitar collection and Axis here:
B’z 30th Year Exhibition SCENES 1988-2018へ行って来た⑩超必見!!!B’z松本孝弘さん愛用のギター大特集!

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