Cannot transfer toneprints to Flashback Triple Delay

Cannot transfer toneprints to Flashback Triple Delay

Hi Guys,
First time here but not first time I’ve had a TC product.Used to have a Flashbackx4.

Had no problems beaming toneprints to the x4, BUT for the life of me I cannot get toneprints into the Triple Delay by any method i.e. Beaming with Android phone or even the PC Editor app. NOTHING happens.I dont get an error message , nothing is flashing to tell it’s working. I get the noise with when beaming but the TP slot remains unaltered. Should I see something on the pedal, and why can’t  he editor tell you the transfer was successful? C’mon this should be easy.

I feel like a right doofus because I’m pretty savi with all this sort of stuff but I cannot figure this one out.

The editor is working ok and I can change settings save my toneprints and send them to the Triple Delay but beaming or susing the editor when sending artist toneprints does not happen.

Getting frustrated and if I can’t do this it’s going back!

Thanks for any help guys, it;’s probably something simple.

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