Can't Get the Mwah on My Stingray

Can't Get the Mwah on My Stingray

Last week I purchased a mint condition 1995 Stingray and I’m just lovin’ the Music Man growl. But I can’t seem to find the mwah and it’s got me kinda bummed….:(

I’ve set the neck as straight and the action as low as possible, to the point of getting a little undesireable buzz on the D string at the third fret and on the G string from the 10th to 12th. Since it’s only in these spots, this leads me to think that something on the neck might be out of whack, but I’ve checked it with a precision straight edge and there is no visible gap.

I´ve got the mids cranked on the bass and at 2 o’clock on the amp.

It’s likely not technique, as I get massive loads of mwah from my other fretless (Jazz style pickups).

It’s not that the Stingray is “mwahless”, but it’s not nearly what I want or expect. Could it be the strings?? I’m running 0.45 roundwounds.

Thanks for any insight….

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