Changing settings mid-song.

Changing settings mid-song.

I bought the Nova and am generally happy with it. First and only effects tool I’ve ever had so no experience with anything else (ie M13). I generally play U2 stuff and use online tutorials that almost always use gear that is anything but Nova.

What seems to be pretty common when watching someone else play a song with Line 6 device is making multiple changes during the song, which I don’t see an easy way to do with the Nova. I get that I can turn delay or drive or whatever on or off, but if I wanted to switch from a distortion of 4 to 12, not gonna happen. Or change the delay, that kind of thing.

So, even though the Nova is usually highly rated, how are you professional musicians gigging with this? What am I missing? I’m tempted to pick up a Line 6 for just that reason but it’s a lot of money to be tossing around!


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