Clarity M Presets have disappeared

Clarity M Presets have disappeared

I just got the Clarity M and, being impatient, started playing with it before I’d read the manual.  Because all the default presets have a lock on them I’d assumed i couldn’t mess them up – not so, it seems…  I now have a number of presets marked as ‘Edited’ and no way of getting back to the originals that I can find.

I went to the link in the manual to download the original V2 presets but can’t find them anywhere.

Can anyone help with this – doesn’t seem to be anyway to recall the default ‘locked’ presets (which does beg the question, why are they marked as ‘locked’ if you can edit the default). I’ve trued storing the edited preset thinking this might return the original to it’s default state, but it doesn’t, and there doesn’t seem to be any way to reset the system to factory default.

Hope I’m missing something and would appreciate any help



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