Closest SSS neck to a Valentine?

Closest SSS neck to a Valentine?

I got a EBMM Valentine a few months ago and can’t get over what a great instrument this is. My PRSes are lonely, yada yada. You all know the drill. ๐Ÿ˜€

The only thing I would change about it would be the pickup layout. At heart I am mainly a SSS guy and had mostly moved away from Tele and HH guitars when I ended up with the Valentine. I am getting a ton of use out of it as it is but my #1 is always going to also need the 3rd and 4th switch position tones.

What do you all suggest would be the closest SSS/HSS type guitar to match the neck profile and general build quality of the Valentine? The soft V of the Cutlass makes that guitar a pass for me (my L3 sadly is a case queen because of this). Online research suggests that nut width and neck depth on a Silver Sky is closest but I have no local PRS dealer anymore and spending hours running the racks doesn’t seem like the best call at this point in history.


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