Considering my first EBMM purchase- Albert Lee

Considering my first EBMM purchase- Albert Lee

Hey Gang, New member here. I’ve been a musician for decades, formerly gigging/semi-pro for a long time. I’ve never owned and EBMM, but my neighbor has an early 90’s EVH under his bed (he’s not a player, but loves EVH and bought his guitar decades ago) and let me borrow it for about a month.

I fell in love with the neck feel. Since I own a lot of dual hum locking trem guitars, I was thinking about something different, but with a similar neck feel. Hence, my interest in the AL. I’m thinking hardtail and single coils. My favorite so far, is the three-tone burst with tortoise guard.

I’ve been looking at the AL pic threads, which are great. I see a couple for sale on Reverb and there’s one for sale locally, although not my first-choice color, but the price seems good. Curious if I should be patient and wait for the right one or go for the reasonably priced one. Do EBMM take custom orders?Not sure how hard to find these might be in three tone, single coils, hardtail. Decisions! Any way, happy to be here amongst you all!

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