Corona Chorus……Am I missing something?

Corona Chorus……Am I missing something?

I like most of the products from TC Electronics. I have the Flashback 1 and 2, the HOF 1 and 2, a MojoMojo, a Polytune2, and of course the dreaded Corona Chorus.

I think the Corona Chorus has to be the absolute worst pedal TC Electronics makes or am I missing something. Mine was bought new and has never really seemed to have any effect on the guitar tone. I can turn the Speed, Depth, Effect, and tone to 100% and get a really detuned horrible sounding tone but anything lower than those settings seems to do nothing to the sound of my guitar. I have tried every setting on every dial from 100% down to 0% while turning the pedal off and on. The affect made to the sound is so minimal that it is almost undetectable between the pedal being on or off. Am I missing something here? Do I have a bad pedal or is this just a poor design from ?

I cant return the pedal to the store so is there some way I can get service or replacement here through TCE? I just honestly cant believe that they would make a pedal this bad so I’m guessing something is wrong with mine? Anyone else here have similar issues with the Corona Chorus?

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