Couple of questions about the Majesty

Couple of questions about the Majesty

Hi guys!

I recently bought a Majesty 7 in Polar Noir. The guitar is a dream come true, sounds amazing. Didn’t believe it’s such a step forward and that it can be that much better than my old trusty JP6 until I plugged it in. Wow!

That being said I would like to get some info on how to keep it in great shape.

1. I read somewhere that the nut is “self-lubricating”. How does it work? Is it still ok to use Planet Waves Lubrikit on it? It works great on my other guitars, but is it necessary on the Majesty?

2. How to clean a satin finish? It’s my first guitar with such finish so I don’t really know, but I guess guitar polish stuff like Dunlop 65 is not necessarily the best option, is it? Will wonder wipes do the job?

3. Same with the fretboard. Is dunlop 01 cleaner and 02 deep conditioner ok for the ebony board? Or is it better to use wonder wipes?

Maybe you have some other tips? Something important I should know? Thanks for the help!

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