Having recently got myself a used Cutlass I thought I’d sell some of my other Non EBMM
to fund a brand new Axis Super Sport or a Luke III.
Having checked out what’s available in the UK there’s not a lot of choice in stock regarding colours etc.
I have come to the conclusion I have more chance of being adopted by a millionaire family or appearing as the next James Bond than I have of affording a brand new EBMM with the price of these in the UK.
Basically the price in US dollars = the price in GBP so we pay a helluva lot more money than you lucky guys /gals in the USA.
I looked at importing a used EBMM from Japan or the US but by the time you add on Shipping,VAT @20% and Import duty of 3.2% it makes it too expensive and also risking that the courier will treat it with care.

Besides that the exchange rate is so low it’s really upping the cost.

In the meantime if you live in the USA now would be the right time to visit or planning a trip next year or so buy GBP now as the exchange rate is amazingly low.
In 2007 I visited the USA cousins in Texas and it was just over $2.00 to the pound
Today the tourist rate is $1.27 for 1 GBP.
Now don’t all rush there’s plenty of cheap flights available and remember to pack warm clothes and your waterproofs.:D

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