Cutlass & Caprice Appreciation Thread

Cutlass & Caprice Appreciation Thread

I wanted to post a new thread to create a space for us to express our appreciation for these wonderful instruments and tell our stories related to them.

I picked up my Cutlass a few weeks ago at a local GC. I saw this diamond blue Cutlass just hanging on the rack for a ridiculous price of $1099! Now full disclosure, I have never liked the tone of 1 pickup split coil basses. All of the variants of this type of configuration have always sounded very thin in the treble and lacking real “hit you in the gut” bass to me. They have always had what I can only describe as a “hollow” tone. But I mean this is an EBMM so I go ahead and pull it down 😉

Wow, I just couldn’t bring myself to put it back up. The highs were crisp, the lows were in deed of the “gut punch” variety. But all in all it just sounded clear and crisp. Having owned a Caprice before the difference in voicing was very noticeable. Where the Caprice sounds like it has a bit of a mid scoop in it’s split coil….the split coil in the Cutlass is VERY mid forward 🙂 I’m never getting buried in the mix with this bass 🙂 Oh and this bass is super light and well balanced too =)

So I just wanted to to say thank you to the Ball Family for bringing us these wonderful instruments.

-Greg P

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