Cutlass noise reduction fail outside USA

Cutlass noise reduction fail outside USA

I purchased a Cutlass SSS 6 months ago and I love the instrument despite one issue = noise reduction is not effective.
And I just found an explanation =
– EBMM noise reduction system works as follow. It generates destructive signal in opposite phase to cancel 60 cycle hum caused by 110V/60Hz electricity.
– in Europe,UK, Australia and lot of other countries in the world we have 220V/50Hz electricity that causes «*50 cycle hum*» and so EBMM just generate ineffective 60Hz opposite phase signal that is added to 50 cycle hum.
Unfortunately we can’t even disable the system in order to deal only with single coil noise. I know there is a switch inside the guitar to tune the reduction amount but it’s not very easy.

I just noticed all this because I played on a 120V/50Hz power generator into American Fender amp and bam, no noise..

So could I ask EBMM to solve the problem and send me a «*50 cycle hum reduction system*»? Or is it something I must live with, a feature I payed for and that doesn’t work due to bad design?

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