Cutlass SSS: the important of pickup height

Cutlass SSS: the important of pickup height

Was on the verge of returning my Cutlass SSS I got used from GC. It did not sound good at all. Pick attack was as loud as played note. I found article on factory pickup height from this forum & adjusted it to spec. Wow, really sounds good now. Did A/B comparison with an American strat with standard pickups. The Cutlass is much hotter. I would like to experiment with height to get a little more bite out of it.

I really love the off-white body & maple neck.

Next step is to replace the strings. They are in good shape but too much tension for .10 & told the guitar comes with .09s, so first owner must’ve replaced the strings, even though the guitar looks brand new.

Those of you who haven’t used the GC used guitar inventory with 45 day return policy are missing out on a great service.

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