Dang gas. Maybe it's time for a Luke, but which one?

Dang gas. Maybe it's time for a Luke, but which one?

The tl:dr – I’ve caught Luke gas. There’s a bfr Liii tumescent for a decent price. Are they that different from the standard Liii? Also, I’ve lusted after the neptune blue maple neck run for a long time. Should I just track one of those down? Do they pop up often?

Ramble ahead:

I joke that getting a silo as my first guitar 25 years ago was both a blessing and a curse. I can’t think of many better ways to start out, but it took a seemingly endless amount of flipping a bunch of different brands to figure out:

a) ebmm necks are part of my DNA as a player. They feel like home.

And b) my limitations/suckage are not due to lack of gear. I should practice more.

So, this last year I sold off 6 of 12 guitars, and am down a hss silo special piezo, a hsh silo w trem, hsh hardtail silo, 2 prs, and a LP I keep for sentimental reasons.

Maybe time for something different?

I played a bfr Liii in the tumescent finish today. Nice guitar, killer player, but not the usual neck finish I’m used to.

Suggestions for a dyed in the wool silo player? What other models should I be keeping an eye out for? I tend to stay away from super thin/flat necks and prefer bodies with contours (that’s not a total deal-breaker though).

Maybe the answer is “buy mor silhouettes.”

Thanks for reading.

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