De-mudding an HHH St Vincent: Step 2

De-mudding an HHH St Vincent: Step 2

I had to wait three weeks for the Fralin Firebird Neck (FFN), but the Lollar Firebird Middle (LFM) came in four days, so Step 2 is here sooner then I expected!

I mentioned before that the FFN was a bit scooped, but it’s nothing compared to the Lollar. This this has ZERO mids and a very extended high end. With a 500k pot, I think it would actually be entirely too bright.

You could market this design as a noiseless Strat pickup and no one would bat an eye. It’s THAT sparkly.

It’s wound to 6.7K, so just a hair hotter than the Fralin, but I’m curious to try them in opposite positions. Sort of seems like it might play to the strengths of each.

Up next: I’m going to move one of the DP-168s into the bridge, before considering aftermarket options.

But I am very happy so far. I seem to be very much on my way to not only solving the mudbucker problems of the stock HHH, but to dialing in a quasi-SSH set of sounds.

TLDR: Things keep getting brighter.

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