Ditto Stereo Looper Crackling?

Ditto Stereo Crackling?

So I recently grabbed hold of the stereo looper.

I’ve been having it sit between my audio interface and my speakers at my desk, but after about 5 hours or so it just stopped working. No lights, nothing.

I assumed despite being true it would still drain the battery if left plugged in however when I tried the battery in other pedals they just worked as normal. Even replacing the battery back into the looper made it work again, then around the same amount of time later, nothing again.

The pedal also now makes a horrible crackling noise whenever its looping so its basically unusable. This happens if its plugged in between interface and speakers, out the front of the interface, or even just running into a normal amp.

I’ve only owned it for a few days but I have no idea what is going. Am i missing something or have a got a duf unit? Any help would be appreciated

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