Ditto X4 and the good old times

Ditto X4 and the good old times

I returned the Ditto X4 back to the shop. Clicks and noises while undoing loops, buttons stop working in the middle of a show. Sudden volume changes. The workarounds, oh the workarounds!
I tried the Ditto Stereo and Ditto x2 too. They all sucked, same problems.
Yes I tried all firmware updates and I found others with the same problems.

I guess TC just got too big and low quality. They belong to Music Group which also owns Behringer. Have you ever found a good Behringer product?

I believe that is what we get from Designed in X, Made in Y.
I’ll just pay what a good is worth. One made with love.

Thank you Mike@TC and all you guys for your effort!

What do you guys think? How is your experience with Dittos and TC in general.

Alas! The good old days of the original Ditto are gone!
Farewell TC!

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