ditto X4 fade out time

ditto X4 fade out time

Hi there,

I’ve been trying to find a thread on this with no luck. Is anybody else frustrated by the clunky fadeout on the ditto x4?  I previously used a Boss RC-20 and the ditto excels it in every department EXCEPT the fade out.  The fade out on the RC-20 was slow and seamless. The fade out on the X4 tapers out way too fast and sounds almost like the sound stops halfway through the fade out to me. Not really usable. And really frustrating for me, as I use this feature all the time. I also wish they let you fade out your loop 1 or loop 2 independently of each other. I wonder if this will come in a firmware update? Really crossing my fingers hard on that one! It’s the biggest flaw if you ask me!



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