Ditto x4 Midi Sync

Ditto x4 Midi Sync

This seems to be a frequent issue, and I recognize that there’s another thread dealing with the x4’s sync drift.  My issue is with the pedal not receiving midi clock at all.

I purchased the pedal new 6 months ago and it received midi clock from my machine. I never took it out of the house and it was great.  When I played a show last week, I powered it up and got all orange lights.  The unit froze up.  I unplugged and plugged it back in several times, and then it worked, but it never received clock.  I had to play the whole show out of sync.

I’ve updated to the newest firmware and still nothing.  Originally, the stop button LED used to blink in time to indicate that it was receiving clock, but now it does nothing.  I’ve tried sending clock from three different machines, but no lights and no sync.  Without this midi sync functionality, the pedal is useless to me.

Like many users here, I’m extremely disappointed by this unit’s lack of reliability.  I need a quick solution because I’m playing again for New Years. Any help is much appreciated.

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