Ditto X4 MIDI Sync Issues (firmware update 1.3.0)

Ditto X4 MIDI Sync Issues (firmware update 1.3.0)

Hi guys,

I bought the Ditto X4 earlier in August (2017) and it was actually very disappointing as the MIDI sync function “” team was so proud of didn’t work properly and was unreliable.
It literally ruined a part of my band’s live performance and we had to change the concept of a song because of that.

Now, just before returning the , I’ve noticed a new firmware update – 1.3.0.

So I still didn’t give up and did the update on my mac, following the instructions, everything went fine.
Next step – TESTING.
(MIDI Sync to Ableton clock – yeah, I’ve set Ableton to sync with the Ditto X4 correctly).
So I’m testing the lopper in different tempos, different countings (3/4, 4/4, 5/5 etc.), I must admit that in most of the times the loops kept syncing properly and smoothly, but yet I’ve experienced in some points loops losing the tempo and running totally random.

My question is to the support team –
How can I trust your product?
How can I rely on it in the times I really need it?

If I won’t return the looper in the next 2 days I will lose the option of returning it and with it the 275€ (approx) I payed for it.

From a deep research I did, so far the “Pigtronix Infinity” is the most reliable looper out there (MIDI Sync function), but at the same time, it’s almost twice more expensive.
I’m willing to pay this price though, because eventually as a professional musician I have to trust my gear when I’m performing live or while rehearsing.

Looking forward to hear everyone’s opinions!

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