Ditto x4 popping

Ditto x4 popping

I’m having trouble with my Ditto.
It’s firmware is 1.1.00

The Loop2 led is always blinking red.
It is not like all the way red, it’s more like a half red
Some guys probably would’t even notice it, but it is clear
when looking close to the led. Like a semidim red light coming from it.
Not looking like a normal behaviour.

The other problem is the popping sound usually coming when overdubbing.
It is somehow related to when pressing the start/stop record switch(loop1).
The first loop is always good. The problems arrive in second or third overdub.
Makes this machine failing bad for what it is made for sad

IS the newest beta firmware this:

Could i get a download link for it so i could check if it helps in anyway ?


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