Ditto x4 – unity gain (low loop volume)

Ditto x4 – unity gain (low loop volume)

Hi there, I’m new to this forum.

I recently purchased a Ditto x4 . Since the first time I’ve plugged it in, I’ve been experiencing the same “issue” as other forum members did.

I have to set the loop volume knobs fully clockwise in order to achieve unity gain, and match the loop playback volume to the guitar output volume.

In live context (a duo with NO drums), the loop is often lost in the mix, especially when playing with higher dynamics. I’m not able to increase the loop volume in order to hear it, because unity gain is reached with the knobs maxed out.

Is this a normal operating behaviour of the ditto x4, and thus I can’t do anything about it? Or has it been addressed in some way with a firmware update? Or else?

Thank you very much indeed in advance for any answer!


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