Ditto4 mid sync question

Ditto4 mid sync question

Hi, I’d like to now if when I set the dipswitch to unsync the two loopers, will they the remain synced to midi nevertheless or are they totally freewheeling?

Here’s a case where this is important to me: I am synced to a midiclock and record a very long loop (like over a 2 minutes) on one, and leave it looping for the rest of the song. Then I want to record a 8 bar loop on the second looper. When synced this is not possible: the length of the second loop is a multiple (integer) of the first loop. So I have two possibilities:

1: either when unsynced (by dipswitch) the midi sync remains effective and all is fine (the second loop will remain tight in sync with the external gear running on the masterclock)

2: or this is NOT the case and the I’ll need to use the synced mode, and record an empty 8 bar loop first on the second looper, and then the very long one on the first looper which will be a multiple of the empty loop’s lenght. When I need to record my 8 bar loop, I just overdub the empty one. That’s a bit less flexible.

(firmware 1.3.000 build 89)

So, 1 or 2? Any thoughts?


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