Do "Majesty 7" guitars have different neck sizes?

Do "Majesty 7" guitars have different neck sizes?

*Apologies for my clunky google translator english*

Hey folks,

I yesterday was about to buy the “Majesty 7 Hydrospace”. So I went to a music store and played it for some while when I found out, it’s neck is a little thicker than the neck of the “Majesty 7 Red Sunrise”.

The store only had those two models of the “Majesty 7” that I could compare, but I’m pretty sure that the “Purple Nebular 7” I played a year ago also had a thinner neck.

I asked two people (a salesperson and a random customer) to confirm my observation because I was so sure that the neck of the Majesty would always be the same and just couldn’t believe it. 😮 :confused:

So does anyone know if this this is a well known fact and how I can find out what kind of neck a “Majesty 7” has without testing it?

Thanks for your thoughts

Best Nikoli

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