Does an Axis like this Exist?

Does an Axis like this Exist?

Howdy EBMM Forum-

Im looking for a new guitar and wanted to see what I should be looking at? With the exception of a few cheapo , I haven’t bought anything high-end in quite a while.

I like shredder guitars, but I’m not a shredder. For years I had fun with the USA and Japanese Production Models, swapping pickups and parts. I feel the current generation of Mexican made guitars are great on paper but lack that quality feel when they’re in my hands. I bought an ash charvel tele off ebay, only to return it. Such a step down in quality 🙁

So the hunt is on for something new. I think my price range is something under $2500.My main axe is an EBMM Axis. Best neck shape EVER! I’d love to get the Koa BRF Axis, but its too expensive. Played it twice and its amazing! If I could improve my Axis, I’d give it 24 super jumbo SS frets, maybe change the body wood to African mahogany, and might like to add one of those JP-style floating trems with locking tuners, in place of the floyd. Does such a guitar exist in the Axis world?

If I set up an Axis w/ a vintage style trem to float, how well does it stay in tune vs a floyd rose? I picked up a Rasmus/ Guthrie Govan with a floating gotoh 510 and it stays in tune better than my floyd’d guitars. I’d love to add that setup to an Axis!

I tend to like thicker than average necks (ebmm Axis and pc1 are my faves) , body woods can be: mahogany or soft maple or a basswood body with a maple cap-, maybe a koa top like on the BFR axis, a trem – I love the floating gotoh 510. I’d take it over a floyd any day. SS super jumbo frets. I’d prefer 24 frets but can make do with 22.

I’ve played the JP guitars and liked them, but hated the thin necks. Is it possible to custom order a JP with an axis neck-shape?

What else should I be looking at? Thanks for any help you can give me.

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