Dream Theater tab books REDONE (because the old ones are inaccurate)

Dream Theater tab books REDONE (because the old ones are inaccurate)

Hello everyone, some of you may remember that I transcribed Distance Over Time last year and sent out Guitar Pro 7 and PDF files for free. Now I’m doing the same for all of Dream Theater’s studio releases from the 90s. I decided to completely redo all of these albums because the old books all have errors and inaccuracies (some more frequently than others). Also because the isolated guitar tracks are available for these albums. Today I’ve released my transcription of A Change of Seasons (title track only), and will be releasing the rest of the albums chronologically in the coming weeks. I’m also planning short lesson videos for each song, here’s the first one:

Dream Theater – A Change of Seasons – How It’s Played Episode 1

Now you may be wondering, “why should I trust this guy’s transcriptions?” I am a professional transcriber with several tab books to my name (I’ll put links below). Also, I won JP’s Match the Master contest in 2016: Meeting John Petrucci

Links to my books:
Cynic | Sheet Happens Publishing
Exodus – Tempo of the Damned
Exodus – Fabulous Disaster

If you’d like to get the tabs, just email me at maytropolees@comcast.net or countuscany@gmail.com

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