Duplicate Licenses For Sale – Get them before the deadline

Duplicate Licenses For Sale – Get them before the deadline


I’ve got a number of duplicate licenses amassed over the years as my system contains 2xPCIe, 1X PoCo 6000 and 1 x PoCo X8.

I have just bought Vienna Ensemble so I think I will only need one copy of each license and can then use it across both my Mac & PC? If that isn’t how it works can someone please stop me before I get rid of the additional licenses! There seems like it may require a good hour or two to get my head around Vienna Ensemble but I just wanted to give users here a chance at buying the licenses I don’t need before I list them on eBay this coming weekend.

Buyer will pay the $20 transfer fee, details here: https://music-group.force.com/musickb/v … p;name=tce

– Assimilitaor   
– Character    (2 Licenses Available)
– Harmony 4    
– Intonator HS   
– DeNoise           (2 Licenses available)
– Voicemodeler   
– CL1B   
– Virus Single   

Make me an offer for any/all, come Saturday morning they will be on eBay to battle over from 99p!


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