EBMM Fretless basses are best in class IMHO.

EBMM Fretless basses are best in class IMHO.

In addition to making what I consider the best 34 inch scale 5 string on the market for the past 30 years, I also think that EBMM makes a factory fretless bass that is unmatched in it’s price range….in addition to being just a phenomenal musical instrument.

The combination of workmanship, quality components and design really separate the EBMM fretless models from any other production line US Made bass to my ear. Because tone and playability are so consistent in EBMM’s fretted bass platforms, it transitions mighty well to a fretless where poor workmanship, cheaper woods and design flaws become magnified. The singing quality that you find in booteek basses is always present in EBMM fretless basses but it is coupled with low end clarity that that has made EBMM fretted instruments stand out for decades.

Oh yeah…. and they are very addictive…. 😀

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