EBMM JP XI – Bridge pickup

EBMM JP XI – Bridge pickup

Hi Guys,

I recently obtained a JP XI and I like it quite a bit. I do find that the bridge pickup seems a little sterile and stiff to my ears. Now I also have a EBMM Axis which I also love. In particular the neck pickup of the axis is amazing – with my Mesa Mark V (mark iv mode).

Here is my question. If I want to replace the bridge the pickup on the XI and go for something smoother and creamier sounding. It doesnt have to do the exact sound of the Axis bridge – but something along the same lines.

Question 1 – can someone recommend a pickup that will sound similar to what the Axis has in the bridge pickup?

Question 2 -On the JP XI what is the difference between toggle switch up in the middle position and toggle switch down in the normal position? Serial vs Parellel? What does this mean?

Thank you!

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