EBMM Monarchy Majesty JP Need Some Help…Maybe

EBMM Monarchy Majesty JP Need Some Help…Maybe

Hey everyone. So, I just received my EBMM Monarchy Majesty today. It’s super light weight and it it plays pretty well.

However, the strings on the lower frets tend to buzz if you don’t use a nice light touch. I did bring it to a tech and he put new strings on and did some slight adjustments. He raised the bridge a bit and tweaked the neck too. It’s a little better now, but still tends to buzz if you’re not a light handed player.

What he mentioned to me was that some guitars, especially ones with low action, tend to have fret buzz acoustically, but as long as it’s not heard through the amp it pretty much a non-issue.

Wondering what people’s experiences are with this guitar. I know it’s meant to be soloing beast and low action is good for my arthritic hands, but wondering if the buzzing is normal.

Thanks for the help in advance!


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