EBMM Reflex – feedback noise

EBMM Reflex – feedback noise

Merry Christmas Folks,

have done search on this forum site regarding the subj. When playing the guitar on the amp’s lead channel, you can hear a resonance/feedback noise building up, doesnt matter whether in front/behind/near/far from the amp. I mitigate it by rolling back the vol and tone knobs a bit.

The guitar body is chambered, but dont believe this to be characteristic. Search results vary with suggestions like fitting foam in/around trem springs, foam under the pickups, etc. I’d like to think such a well designed and built instrument wouldn’t have these issues. In one of the searches, someone asked if a guitar was fitted with Elixir coated strings – in my case it is (previous owner) and i havent changed them because they play and sound very nice.

Open to your suggestions, feedback, advise on this one – thnx in advance!

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