EBMM Schaller M6 machine heads mini tuners

EBMM Schaller M6 machine heads mini tuners

Since it may be of interest to many of you guys, i wanted to let you know of the positive experience i had these last days. On 2 aspects:

1. the EBMM 4+2 configuration…Ordering in this configuration is considered a custom order, and i was given a aprox.3 months waiting time by one of the major parts and accesories shop in the EU…I wasn’t going so wait that long, so what i did was to go to the Schaller site, never took that as an option, and since the difference in price was little, i ordered directly from them, in Germany.

They let you choose whatever you want, any quantity, in many configurations and different options. So for about 115 euro i got the infamous 4+2 configuration vs ~ 100 euro that would be about the best price for the classic 3+3 config.
So give it a try. Not the best communication, but it shipped and arrived in the EU pretty cheap and in 1 week from the order. They sent me some picks for free. Great experience, in EU at least.

2. The guitar is an EVH fixed bridge. Since there was almost no angle of the G string from the nut to tuner i got a weird, hollow tone from that string. The nut seems to be cut perfect, but that string sounded weird on that guitar. It even vibrated after the nut. I tried to wrap more of the string around the tuner to enlarge the breaking angle, but that was just a pain in the ass to do every time, so i decided to try an replace at least that tuner with something that will bring the string as down as possible.

So what i discovered is that Schaller now offers the M6 tuners at 180 degrees option, on every or most models…which is what the evh and axis have.

Since locking is always nice and makes things easier, i ordered the following model:

4 x left and 2x right M6 180 locking 19.5 machine heads, with small metal tuners. Perfect tight fit. Almost. I had to use the old washer and old screws. But that’s about it. And the 19.5 brings the string as low as it can go, lower than the originals. It leaves the option to wrap the string 1-2 turns if you want to go lower.
There is also an 18 option, but i don’t know if that isn’t too low.
I changed the tuners to the old perloid and there you go.
G string sounds better, not perfect but…
When i’ll change the strings i’ll try to wrap the string 2 turns to go lower and see the result.

I also changed the machine heads on my peavey wolfgang standard stop tail, with schaller m6 90 19.5 top locking, so they offer also the option of top locking now…but i ordered those from elsewhere. Also perfect fit, with the very same exceptions.

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