Ebmm Valentine Silent Circuit

Ebmm Valentine Silent Circuit

Hello Everyone! Long time lurker who has had a few EBMM guitars over the years (P90 Albert Lee, JP15 7 string, and an Axis) and have been blown away by my Valentine I bought new seven months ago.

Unfortunately a couple of days ago the silent circuit went basically dead, I can only hear conversation level sound if I turn my 100 watt Marshall up all the way and it sounds bassy. My other guitars are at loud volume with my amp at 9 am. Ive tried multiple amps and guitars and its def the silent circuit. Weird the boost still works but just primarily makes the static louder, and the super low volume of the guitar is actually louder in single coil mode, but again can’t be even heard through the amp if the amp is set at sane levels. Ive tried new batteries as well as a reset where I left the cable in the guitar (both with and without a battery) for fifteen minutes. Kind of super bummed as this has been my way number one guitar lately.

I emailed twice yesterday to Musicman customer service and called and haven’t heard back or even goitten an automated response that they got my message. Anyone have experience with something like this?


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