EVH EBMM Tremolo – Chrome

EVH EBMM Tremolo – Chrome

I have a 1992 EVH Signature guitar where the chrome is worn away from the MM Gotoh / FR licensed tremolo. Wear is on the saddles (lower E having the most worn off chrome) and the MM logo on the unit / plate has the chrome worn. I wondered what my options are as it’s my favourite guitar.

Firstly has anyone ever had their parts re-chromed and did you have any issues ?

Secondly, my current approach is to buy more guitars 😀 and take the best parts from them – I got a real bargain on a 1997 Luke I (£650 / $900) .. although the tremolo floats I assume the saddles are the same even though the block on the EVH that prevents this?

The only issue now is I really love the Luke I … so now I’ve got a few older Axis guitars in my sights. I know the Gotoh unit on the newer Axis guitars is different, but seem to recall the saddles also changed previously in size – so even some early 2000s models wouldn’t be a like-for-like swap. What years will fit my EVH ?

Thanks in advance !

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