Evh Sunburst 1991 serial #80850

Evh Sunburst 1991 serial #80850

So I’m still searching for this guitar, the reason I joined the forum years ago. I still check everyday any possible post pertaining to my baby that I sold, and never got over. Make a story short I was a little kid , saved all my money to buy the most incredible guitar at age 13. Lotta scratch for a kid. I’m 40. I sold it like a fool and It never leaves my mind. I screwed up bad. I want it back. I loved it. Music man as you know make such incredible instruments, also the sentimental value is unimaginable. So guys, just throwing it out there again. Haven’t been on here for a while , maybe someone has some info. Van Halen model 1991 serial #80850 sunburst

Thanks in advance. Giacomo

Ps. I’ll trade you a holy grail Marshall 1967 200 watt major for it

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