Expression pedal settings corrupted in multiple presets, mult occuranc

Expression pedal settings corrupted in multiple presets, mult occuranc

TC Customer Support has stopped responding (they were no help anyway), and the TC customer support contact is no longer working. I’m beginning to get weary of my choice to use TC Electronics equipment.

I’m on the latest 4.05 R1781 firmware.

I’ve been fighting this issue of having corrupt expression pedal settings for a while. I think I’ve finally figured out the cause. I think that shutting off power while editing a preset is resulting in expression pedal settings getting corrupts.

This has happened several times since I got the unit last year. And it will affect multiple stored presets, not just the one being edited.

The expression pedal assignments will get corrupted, several assignments will get changed, sometimes to invalid values, including “blank” as the exp type which is not a valid selection, and min/mid/max values that are outside of the allowed ranges.

Additionally, the position of the expression pedal at the time of the corruption then sometimes saves these strange settings into the preset, for instance it will assign the delay mix to 80% to match the corrupted expression pedal setting.

I think there must be a firmware issue that is allowing this corruption to occur. It has happened enough times that it’s not a coincidence, there’s definitely a firmware bug at play.

This is a really bad issue. If i show up at a gig and plug in and suddenly all my presets have corrupted expression settings and corrupted delay and wah-wah settings as a result, I have to scramble to get all these fixed again before the show starts, and hope I remember what they were set to.

Anyone else have experience with this issue?

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