Falling in love again.

Falling in love again.

I have always love the way my Morse plays, but I wasn’t completely satisfied with the tone.
The neck pickup was too dark/wooly, and the bridge was too aggressive.
I was looking into swapping the pickups on it, but current circumstances put that on hold.
So, I started tinkering.

I had previously researched pickup height settings and adjusted it to match as best I could what the factory settings were. (I purchased it used) I still wasn’t satisfied, so I thought maybe the pickups just weren’t for me.
I don’t play music in the same style as Steve does, so I thought that they may work for him, but maybe just not for what I wanted.

Then I decided to take a different approach.
I lowered the pickups as low as they would go and slowly started raising them instead of starting with them high and lowering.
They ended up much lower than they were before, and sounded better.
Then I started adjusting the pole pieces by ear.

Now I’m in love with the tone. The balance between pickups is better and the humbuckers blend much better with the single coils.

I am currently a very happy camper.

Just thought I’d share.

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