Far out Morse

Far out Morse

I found this on Reverb for anyone who’s interested.

Glenn |B)

Poplar Body
Figured Maple Neck
Bound Rosewood Fretboard
Locking Tuners
P-90 Pickups

I wish I could tell you the exact specifications of this guitar – all I know is that its a one-of-a-kind built for an endorsee/artist. I’m not even sure that the body is Poplar, and I don’t know who made the P-90’s (though I supposed I could pull the pick guard and check them out if you were curious). All I know is that the neck on this thing is absolutely amazing, and it sounds incredible. I’ve never played another Morse, so I don’t know what to compare it to, but I do know it blew me down the first time I sat down with it. This model never has block inlays, or P-90’s, just to be sure. Its super clean, with no apparent flaws of any kind.

Music Man Steve Morse Custom (one-of-a-kind) | Adam's | Reverb

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