Ever since I first peeped the EBMM EVH, I’ve wanted one.

I’d acquired a Peavey, and a MIJ EVH Stealth. But…the EBMM was always said to be the *one.* and it was always my white whale.

Took me 24 years to finally be in a place where I could afford it. Because, let’s face it..Decent guitars, cost money. Luxury isn’t necessity. So, I *finally* found one for a reasonable price on the Bay, and snagged it a few months ago. Trans-Purple with the requisite partially faded Headstock.

Of course, it doesn’t end there. The GAS set in. I couldn’t justify buying another. I’m not good enough to collect expensive guitars. So, I sought out a used Axis. Actually found one locally in Natural Quilt two days ago, and banged the CC.

Yeah. Worth it. Quite simply, a completely unfamiliar new-to-me Axis, feels more like “my” guitar than ones I’ve owned for 20 years.

And now, I’m in deep. Perhaps this will be the year I finally learn how to play!

Though I’d introduce myself, and admit I’m powerless over my GAS.

Happy New Year!

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