Finally discovered my "perfect" guitar: EBMM Steve Morse

Finally discovered my "perfect" guitar: EBMM Steve Morse

Hello everybody. I’m new to the forum AND new to Music Man guitars. Shortly after the new year I discovered a guitar that is as close to perfect as I’ve ever seen: the Steve Morse model. Although I’ve been listening to the Dixie Dregs since a boy in the 70s, wore out several cassettes of Steve Morse Band “High Tension Wires” as a young adult in the early 90s, I never paid attention to his gear. In fact, when younger I never cared much about what guitar/amps my favorite artists were using. Similar to many here on the forum, I never even knew what most band members looked like unless there was photo on the cover or the inner sleeve.

Most of my life I’ve primarily played Fenders with a few Gibsons here and there over the years. None of the Gibsons lasted cause I couldn’t bond with the shorter scale length. As time went on, I dreamed of being able to have just ONE GUITAR that could meet ALL of my needs (traditional C&W, mid-70s style country-rock, blues, jazz fusion, classic rock). A couple times over the years I attempted, unsuccessfully, to build a parts-guitar with two humbuckers and two single coils but couldn’t figure out how to wire that fourth pickup to allow the various pickup combinations I desired.

Less than two weeks ago, I set up a 5:1 sound system to listen to the new White Album mix that several friends have raved about. Being so impressed with the 5:1 surround sound, I went online to buy some 5:1 music dvds/blu rays. While browsing amazon I found some Steve Morse related dvds and the blue guitar on a couple of covers looked VERY interesting and learned that it was his Ernie Ball signature guitar. Holy cow! I couldn’t believe it, this is the guitar of my dreams. Other than the tall frets, the Steve Morse model is 100% perfect for my needs (c-shape neck shape, vintage telecaster scale and nut width, locking tuners, not needing a string tree: exactly what I would order from a custom builder. When it arrives on Tuesday I’ll give the frets a chance but will almost-certainly be having them lowered (I’m used to feeling the wood under my fingers with Fender vintage frets).

Many thanks to Steve and Ernie Ball Music Man for offering such an instrument!

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