Finally Tried Cobalts on My Majesty – OMG!!!

Finally Tried Cobalts on My Majesty – OMG!!!

Hi All,

Just when I thought my Majesty couldn’t get any better. Wow! These are really great strings. Louder, more sustain, clearer, and definitely a little different feeling when bending and when I hit chords hard, but I’m really digging them. They also seem to last longer and don’t discolor as quick as well, and that’s saying something because I have been really satisfied with EB strings ever since I switched to them on all of my shortly after I purchased my first EBMM guitar and tried them for the first time. I also appreciate how when I switched from the stock 10-46 strings to the Cobalts, it didn’t change my action and set-up on my Majesty. To be honest, that’s why I haven’t tried them until now as I loved my Majesty just the way it was and didn’t want to mess anything up. I’m not sure if they stay in tune better as my Majesty has always stayed in tune. I will definitely have to adjust my Piezo P/U volume level though if I stick with them permanently, as I did notice a big jump in piezo volume with the Cobalts.

However, I read a review somewhere that said the only downside to these strings is that they wear out frets quicker as they’re a harder material than the frets. Not sure if this is accurate or not and if it was referring to normal frets and not the SS frets that the Majesty come with.

Any confirmation on this would be appreciated as I would like to try these on my Luke 3 as well. Thanks!

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