Flashback 2 slapback setting/toneprint questions

Flashback 2 slapback setting/toneprint questions

I just picked up a Flashback and love it.  I sold my Vapor Trail the same day and also ordered a Corona Chorus that is coming tomorrow.  Needless to say i’m New to the forum and these TC Electronics pedals.

For Modern Countty music, is there a TonePrint that that is particularly good for a slapback?   I’ve tried a few but am still looking.  I also tried to dial one in what I thought sounded decent:

– dotted 8th
– delay at about 8 o’clock
–  feed back at off at about 7 o’clock
– level at 12 o’clock
– analog

Any thoughts or tweaks to what i’ve Using (above) would be great, too!

Thanks!   Can’t wait for the CC to come tomorrow!

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