Flashback Triple Save Slots vs TonePrint

Flashback Triple Save Slots vs TonePrint

Hey, how are you. i am a new user to the Flashback Triple and im founding something a little confusing.
Okay, I can save in the 1-2-3 slots presets of any delay type with its own configuration at delay time, feedback, subdivision, etc.
But my question is where the Toneprints take place. If I dial the delay type to Toneprint 1, the settings of the knobs stay like they where in the actual slot? Or they ‘move’, virtually, when the toneprint enters?
Also, if I have in slot 2 lets say, an analog, with certain configs at the knobs, when I change the delay type to another the knobs (delay time, feedback, ..) also moves? Or they stay where they where? Thank you!! Lovely pedal btw.

Last but not least, is there a firmware update? Cant find it.

Thank you!

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