Floating trem – how to you play? (Non-gear question)

Floating trem – how to you play? (Non-gear question)

I know there are some cats here knowing how to play so this question is not about how you setup your guitar to float – there are plenty of those – but rather how do you keep in tune with floating bridges.

I’m pushing 40, been playing since 10ish and did it professionally for a few years so I know how to play. I was even a guitar teacher for a year. And I have all the gear – boutique stuff, custom shops and EBMMs of course!

I have three EBMM Lukes that I adore. The V neck is just perfect for my girly hands and I can use those for any style. I have tried setting the bridge to float like Luke, but I can’t understand how to play like that. In my style, I let the strings ring when I bend and I tend to use alot of voicings letting strings ring while I bend. Obviously the non fretted string will go flat while bending another string since the bridge is gonna move. How on earth do you do it? I mean, Luke is never out of tune (except when he wants to [also, his timing is flawless])

Sorry for not debating wood, colors, production numbers and the coming BFRs but I’d really like your input on this.


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