G Force Compressor settings

G Force Compressor settings

Hi all,

I am using a G Force in the effects loop of a Mesa/Boogie Triaxis. All is going fine but I have never used Compressors.

Can anyone give me some advice on how to get the best out of the G Force compressors?

I want to use compression on clean and lead sounds.

I did get the compressor working but not happy with the sound, not sure how to set the various parameters.

I’m a pro player and I’ve been around for quite a while but never really used compression before.

Set up:
Tom Anderson Grand Am > Triaxis > Triaxis FX loop send > G Force Input > G Force Output > Triaxis FX loop Return > Triaxis Output > Power Amp Input.

Any help and / or suggestions greatly appreciated.

Regards, Gaz

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