G system 30db Volume drop peavey 6505

G system 30db Volume drop peavey 6505

Good day everyone.

I recently aquired a second hand G system and after updating and programming i set everything up according to the white paper 4 cable method. ( without the Hum eliminator, since i still need to order that )

My 4 cable setup works (with some ground loop hum), but there is a massive volume drop as soon as i engage my fx loop on my peavey 6505. ( so basically turn on the back end part of the G system)

I think it might be an impedance problem. I’ve looked up  the numbers from the manuals and found the following:

Peavey Effects Send:
Load Impedance: 47K ohms or greater
Nominal Output: -10 dBV, 300 mV RMS

Peavey Effects Return:
Impedance: Very High-Z, 470K ohms
Designed Level: -10 dBV, 300 mV RMS

G system Insert
Impedance, input/output: 24 kOhm(Balanced 35 kOhm)/ 100Ohm(Balanced 200 Ohm)

G system Analog Outputs (L/R)
Impedance: 100 Ohm (Balanced 200 Ohm)

This seems like a total mismatch to me and i wonder what kind of thing i need to make it right.

I’ve tried multiple effect pedals as a buffer (which improved the sound, but didn’t make it louder)
I’ve tried my EQ effect pedal to boost the volume and it seemed i will need around a 30db boost to make the volume the same as without the g system. this is my current work around, but does seem kind of destructive to my s/n ratio

I have no clue what kind of thing i need to make it work, or might it just be plain broken?

I hope someone here can help me a bit smile



p.s I haven’t tried the 3 cable setup yet, which might be a solution, but i would really like to know what extra equipment i would need to make the 4 cable setup work. I have a few drive pedals i would like to use, which need to be pre gain.

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