G system acoustic configuration

G system acoustic configuration

Hi there i’m french so please excuse the possible faults.
I don’t know if i’m in the right topic but i know i do need you’r help.

I have venues comin on, and i’m a bit lost with my rig.
I have:

•gibson j45 acoustic guitar
•schertler acoustic amp with D.I out
•fender telecaster
•laney vc30 212 valve amp
•g system

So i would like to know what is the best configuration to use both the guitar and the acoustic amp, with patches for electric and acoustic separatly and i have two tracks on wich i’d like to have stereo sound.
Do i need a A/B box..? How do i link everyhting in the right place with the effect loops and the D.I out of acoustic amp..?

Thanks so very much for any responses or advice you may bring along.

Cheers, Paul Andreas

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